Our Solutions

Our solutions range from the application of an individual system in a single-use building to fully integrated multiple products and systems, applied across large developments, which incorporate mixed-use, retail, residential and commercial spaces.

We offer full turnkey solutions from, initial design through installation and commissioning, supported by long-term service and warranty agreements.

As building systems integrators, we offer a wide range of open-platform solutions providing our customers flexibility and scalability within their buildings.

Fire Safety

Our fire safety installations are designed to meet relevant Code requirements to protect a building, it’s people and the assets, but can offer more.Read more about Fire Safety

Detection and Alarm
Incorporate multiple fire circuit installations, with system redundancy and connection via a fire-rated secure network to IoT-linked alarms and detectors, including smoke and flame monitoring using CCTV. Technologies include false alarm detection, disturbance free testing and service routines which means less disruption to building occupants.

Large-scale Public Address Voice Alarm loudspeaker (PAVA) solutions and Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems for use by first responders.

Fire suppression systems to suit a building’s layout, integrating both water and gas suppression.

Security and Workplace Management

We bring extensive knowledge and experience of applying technology to manage security in all types of large-scale buildings, from commercial properties to highly sensitive secure premises. As an expert integrator of leading global security systems, we deliver the right solution for your building to provide the best user experience, coupled with the security needs.

Access Management
From controlling access and egress to a building, to providing additional facilities that allow full workplace management, including workspace allocation, maximising space planning, and visitor management.

User Credentials
ID cards to full non-touch methods using smartphone Apps or Biometric/ Facial Recognition, all controlled within a compliant GDPR protocol.

User Experience
Smarter validation methods for improved functionality, such as secure print facilities, personalised workspaces (heating, cooling and lighting), cashless vending and provision of local news weather and information.

Workflow Management
Automatic workflow for reception or hosts to manage visitors, including pre-visit instructions, access codes, room allocation, vehicle parking and egress control.

Energy Optimisation and Data Management
Managing people flow and adapting space to match user demand, allows optimisation of energy usage and resource management. Using aggregated data from multiple systems and buildings, we can provide simple dashboards to create healthier, sustainable and more efficient workspaces.

Asset Management
Apply technologies and customised solutions to securely manage and control critical access keys, corporate assets and personal effects, tailored to meet the level of protection required.

Situational Awareness and Critical Emergency Management
A unique offer combining building data with situational information gained from live sensor or video feeds for emergency response teams in a critical situation.  First responders gain information en-route and receive critical intelligence as a situation develops, to aid decision-making.

Cyber Security
Cyber protection comes as an integrated part of our offerings, and we support this through long-term warranty agreements.

Secure Networks
We design, install and commission infrastructure networks to support building systems and aid intelligent solutions.

FIND OUT MORE about our solutions for projects with special security requirements.

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Our Projects

We have successfully delivered systems and solutions for large, complex, commercial and multi-use buildings with enterprise-wide global clients.

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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with leading fire and security manufacturers, systems providers and technology companies to meet our clients’ specific needs.

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Our Team

Our leadership team brings together extensive experience, expertise and depth of knowledge when it comes to serving our clients.

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